Queen's Regimental Riders Association
The Queen's Regiment

The Queen's Regimental Riders Association

QRRA at The War & Peace Revival 2018

The QRRA Would like to thank everybody who donated to our Benevolent Fund , which helped The QRRA to raise £1,818

Big thank you to the following who stopped by to chat to us...

  Jim Richards 3 Queen's  
  Brian Mayer 3 Queen's  
  Clive 2 Queen's  
  China 1 Queen's  
  Ian Downham 1 Queen's  
  Gary Finch 6/7 Queen's  
  Richard Waterhouse 5 Queen's  
  John Bradbury 6/7 Queen's  
  Paul Rouse 2 Queen's  
  Colin Love 1 Queen's  
  A Cheememan QRRA Corps of Drums  
  Charles Smith 5 Queen's  
  Alex Batten 1 & 6/7 Queen's  
  Pip Wood 5 Queen's  
  Ian Brien 5 Queen's  
  FG Lemare 1st Bn. Buffs  
  Ian Barnes 5 Queen's  
  Charlie S 2 PWRR  
  Mark Gibson 2 Queen's  
  Christopher Wright 2 Queen's  
  Colin Spinner 5 TA Buffs  
  Les Vial 6/7 Queen's  
  Trevor Canton 6/7 Queen's  
  Simon Penny 3 Queen's  
  'OG' O'Grady REME, 3 PWRR, 1 PWRR  
  Ray Ellis 6/7 Queen's  
  Martin Weavers 2 Queen's  
  George Cook 5 Queen's  
  Terry Gardner 1 Queen's  
  Tim Goddard 5 Queen's  
  Dave Coke 3 Queen's  
  Capt. Raymond Gates East Surrey Regiment  
  Rob Steele 2 Queen's  
  Charles Flisher 2nd Bn. QOB  
  Den Gillies 6/7 Queen's  
  Kirch Kirchel 2 Queen's  
  R Thomas Queen's  
  D Dennis 3 Queen's  
  David Parkin 2 Queen's  
  Alan Young 2 Queen's  
  Cliff Young 5 Queen's  
  Elliot Johnson 2 Queen's  
  Steve Scudder 5 Queen's  
  Joe Burton Queen's  
  James Foley 2 PWRR  
  D Mayhew 2 Queen's  
  Rick Currie 2 Queen's  
  A Killick 2 Queen's  
  Andy Brend Frimley & Camberwell Cadets  
  John Seone 5 Queen's  
  Gordon Harrison 3 Queen's  
  Steve Pitchers 2 Queen's  
  Mouse Harley 2 Queen's  
  'Dine' Dean 3 Queen's  
  John Jones 3 Queen's  
  Steve Howard 3 Queen's  
  Andy Batchelor 2 & 3 Queen's  
  Dave Bevis 5 Queen's  
  Mick Fagg 2 Queen's  
  Ian (Ozzie( Byrne 2 Queen's  





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